Erin and Casey’s Newcastle Wedding

It was a classic cloudy day at the Newcastle golf course on the day of Erin and Casey’s wedding. Erin Fleming was the dream bride to have, being kind, sweet and taking care of everyone around her. She glowed from the inside out and she was very loved in return by everyone around her. Erin and Casey’s wedding day was sprinkled with Seattle rain with dark clouds looming overhead. We managed to dodge the rain as we moved around the grounds to capture stunning imagery of the happy couple with dramatic skies.

When it came time for the ceremony, it was filled with joyous expression, kind words, and love that was clear to all around to see. As we moved into the night, toasts were by far the most entertaining we have seen! Brothers told stories of mischief and childhood while parents bestowed loving guidance for the days to come.  Casey and Erin made our jobs so easy that day; they were kind, willing and adventurous despite the rain! Thank you for letting J Garner be a part of your big day, it was truly our pleasure.