Hello World!

Greetings and welcome to the new J Garner Studios blog! As our education community has grown over the years and an overwhelming support for our business has continued to flourish, we thought it best to give back to our creative community in a new way. J Garner Studios has been in the wedding industry over 15+ years and established a movement towards experiential, story telling wedding photography and art delivery. Jim Garner, co-founder and co-owner of J Garner Studios has traveled world wide to numerous countries to educate photographers of all levels on experiential wedding photography to help them standout and thrive in the wedding industry.

Here on the blog we will be discussing a wide variety of topics ranging from Story Telling Shooting, BTS, sneak peaks of our brides, equipment insiders and more! We invite you along on this journey to explore different aspects of the wedding industry as we share our experiences and give you some tips/tricks on your path towards success.

-J Garner Team