5 Different Bridal Looks from Jim’s Brazil Workshop

This past November Jim had to opportunity to go to Brazil to teach a Wedding Photography Workshop. The weather turned out less than ideal, which created great lessons in what to do when you don’t have much to work with. The beautiful resort was rainy and cold, and in such conditions (especially when in the business of making beautiful imagery) you have to make the best. Jim used this as an opportunity to get extra creative and resourceful. Instead of leaving the conference room to battle the elements, they decided to use what they had inside.


  • window light
  • gun light
  • ice light
  • plant to create foliage on the wall
  • glass on the sound booth for reflection
  • participants e-cigarette to create the background, back-lit smoke


Below are five different looks from the workshop to show with some portable gear, a blank wall, models and creative mindset, various styles of imagery and can be achieved. What are some of your favorite go-to tools to use in sub-par conditions? Any travel-gear essentials? We would love to hear. Share in the comments below!

– Jaclyn, J Garner Studios






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Remembering Jenny

It was 30 days ago today our dear friend and colleague and one of Seattle’s great wedding photographers left us, Jenny Guzman. Jeff and Jenny — an extraordinary husband and wife team — were the definition of true partners. In their life, in their work and in their weddings they touched so many. Their clients absolutely adored them, not only because of their soulful and beautiful photography, but because the pure love they exuded on their wedding day. They were beyond their business. They were beyond partners.

When the Guzman’s first came into our lives and the J Garner family, we bonded over a shared loved for wedding photography, husband and wife teamwork and of course our love for our schnauzer studio dogs. Jeff and Jenny shared their lives with their precious schnauzers , Wolfgang and Fritzy (since passed in early 2015), and I’ve had schnauzer’s my whole life, including our studio dog Lily. Over lunch one day, when the topic of photographing Jeff and Jenny together arose, we thought what fun it would be to follow a day in the life of the Guzman’s with their dogs. It was then that I learned what true soul mates look like.

At the time, Jeff and Jenny had been married close to 20 years, yet shooting them felt like photographing an engagement session. Extraordinary young love was present. While following their routine with their schnauzers from coffee in the morning at Pike Place market until their coveted “brown couch time” together in the evening, it soon became clear that these lovely animals were more than their pets — they were their children — and this was more than just a family — they were a pack. A pack communicates without words. A pack intrinsically knows the others’ needs. And it requires only being with one another to experience deep and meaningful joy.



We write this post today for our friend Jeff, and as a tribute to his beautiful Jenny. And while you may not have personally experienced Jenny’s lively spirit, warm smile and love for her clients, I hope through the images you’ll be able to see what I saw and captured on that special day. Jenny left us too early, but she left in high spirits. I never saw her not smiling;  she was doing the work she loved with the man she loved.  She had everything she needed in her Jeff, her Wolfgang…her pack.

This is a testament to how important our work as photographers is. Oftentimes we forget the responsibility we have as photographers for our clients. It isn’t until a situation like this where we are reminded about the immense value of what we do. Many have heard me talk about pictures versus stories and the importance to adopt the story telling philosophy in your work. It’s only through story that we can truly see the beautiful family dynamic and human emotion you’re about to see. I had the opportunity to say a few words and share this slideshow at Jenny’s memorial, the experience of seeing how these images touched all those I will never forget. Thank you Jeff and Jenny for the experience of sharing this day with you.  I leave you now with the Guzman pack.



View Jeff and Jenny’s Story Here


7 Extreme Experiential Wedding Photographs

Last week we talked about Jim’s Story Shooting Philosophy, highlighting the process he uses to capture a series of images to describe a moment happening. The result of this process is spontaneous and natural expression that unfolds naturally. Sometimes, though, other elements beyond our control lend themselves to creating that special “wow” image.


“Our job as photographers is to do our best with what we’re given and find beauty in the moment no matter the circumstances,” says Jim. “Oftentimes this means creating something out of nothing, turning a simple task into something photographically special, utilizing spontaneous happenings, and less pre-planning, more embracing of natural moments that may be overlooked. These special times present themselves with the opportunity to tell amazing stories.”


Regardless of where you are or what elements you’re in, an attitude that says “let’s make it fun, let’s make it beautiful” is bound to create incredible experiences and photographs that show it. Below are some images from the J Garner vault that are true to the term “extreme experiential wedding photography” — taken in exotic destinations or otherwise less-than-normal circumstances where there was no other option but a choice to beautifully capture the moment.

1. Maui, Hawaii


2. Baltimore, Maryland


3. Seattle, Washington


4. Maui, Hawaii


5. Seattle, Washington


6. Baltimore, Maryland


7. Maui, Hawaii



VolumeTwo_13 copy

Q&A: Jim’s “Story Shooting” Philosophy Defined

Many of you who have followed Jim’s photography over the years either through his website, Facebook, tutorials or Creative Live class have probably heard him talk about his “Story Shooting” Philosophy. It is his unique approach to photography, underlined with techniques and ideas to create not just one storytelling image, but a series of images that convey the natural emotion and expression of the moment in which it was captured. Story Shooting in its essence is easy. It requires a mental shift centered around energy and emotion, and getting natural moments to unfold organically. I sat down for a quick Q&A with Jim in our studio, to get to the bottom of what exactly his Story Shooting Philosophy means, and most importantly, how it can be applied to your photography.


VolumeTwo_08 copy


Q: How Would You Explain Your “Story Shooting” Philosophy?

A: Simple images in story format have as much impact if not more than a brilliantly photographed non-story image.

A single image or grouping of non-related images have only so much impact on the viewer because the neutralizing affects of non story-lined images (for instance, if an image doesn’t relate to the next, but after that, you leave your viewer at that state — and go back to an average image.) But in story format, you’re able to take a viewer on an emotional ride as the pages unfold, heightening their experience through built-in “wow” spreads and crescendo.  Like a beautiful opera music, it starts quiet and builds to this loud moment, and drops you off wishing you had more. The heightened experience doesn’t require perfect posed images from page-t0-page, but rather simple images that relate to one another and are along the lines of a common theme — just like the harmony in the music. Each image should transition into the next, and each page of the book should represent the chapters of the story.


Q: How Does One Shoot With This Story Shooting Philosophy in Mind?

A: Instead of focusing your attention on capturing beautiful pictures, focus on a series of images that describe a moment happening, and transition from moment to moment. Do this by scene setting — the act of strategically setting the scene and waiting for moments to happen. One thing I do is take people into a bar or coffee shop and allow people to have a drink. You walk away and walk back and they’re having a natural moment and that’s what you capture. It involves taking the camera out of their face. To not make their day about a photo shoot is the point. A storyteller captures moments and the camera goes to his waist. It’s “click, click, click” then step back and let natural moments happen again, meanwhile always thinking about how to let moments happen for the next series of images.

A story could be as simple as opening the champagne and pouring a glass, to a father seeing his daughter in her dress for the first time. Obviously it’s the story of the day, but it’s really about the micro-stories that fill the up the grand picture.


Q: Whats the Difference Between a Picture Taker and a Story Shooter?

A: A picture taker is looking for composition, whereas a story shooter is looking for feelings, expression, and emotion.  A story shooter doesn’t just understand posing techniques and composition, they have different techniques for creating moments. As a result big moments happen automatically and naturally because the photographer is not occupied by prompting and directing poses the entire time. Prompting and posing is important to a certain degree, depending on ones style. However understanding the timing of this with how it impacts the energy with your subjects is what a true storyteller considers at all times — because at the end of the day the story should be full of joyful, playful and meaningful expression.


VolumeOne_20 copy


5 Elements of Jim’s “Story Shooting” Philosophy


  • Compartmentalize Your Shooting (Into Spreads in a Book)

    In other words you’re considering how it will be displayed in one visual experience during the time of shooting.


  • Background Colors, Textures and Tones

    Cohesive elements are all considered at the time of shooting, because the images will be viewed next to one another.


  • Camera Orientation: Vertical, Horizontal, B&W, Sepia and Color?

    Are we conscious at the time of shooting ? Think of how these elements flow together at the time of shooting.


  • Themes Within Themes Within Themes

    This comes down to thinking of how images will be displayed together within an album. Just like a blue home can have a yellow room in it, but everything in that yellow room has to fit within the greater plan of the blue house, themes are also experiences. It’s a wedding day, but taking a moment to have a glass of champagne is a celebration within a celebration, and we as artists have control over all of this. These themes within themes are how moments will eventually be remembered and shown through your visual art.


  • Symbolism & “Get It” Success

    Are you taking a picture of a bride and groom walking down a path in a forest? Or are you describing through symbolism a husband and wife walking into their life new life together? It’s all about placement, timing, pre-thought, and the symbolism the motion conveys.


— Jaclyn, J Garner Studios Team


First Look: Seattle Waterfront Engagement Shoot with the Rosselinni’s

ROS_003ROS_044ROS_099ROS_225 ROS_144 ROS_297 ROS_237ROS_315ROS_261
It was a pleasure capturing the Rosselinni’s engagement photos on a beautiful autumn day in Seattle. For their engagement session, we returned to the place of their proposal, atop the Four Seasons Hotel on the Seattle waterfront overlooking the Puget Sound and Wheel. We also ventured down to Post Alley near the iconic Pike Place Market to capture the couple in a more urban setting, along rustic brick and vintage neon signs. It was fun getting to know this beautiful couple during their session, and capturing the variety of natural backgrounds Seattle provides.


— Jaclyn, J Garner Studios Team


Lalji Seattle Engagement Photo Shoot


Natasha and Kahlid are a classic love story. We photographed them at their lovely estate which had a beautiful waterfront view, various art from artists’ around the world including Chihuly and Guy Anderson, all of which made for amazing backdrops for our style of photography.

The two were childhood friends who rekindled their relationship once older and fell in love. It was a beautiful evening photographing these two for their engagement photo session. Their love story is a special one and we look forward to seeing the beauty of their wedding journey unfold.


Reid and Claire’s Seattle Arboretum Engagement Photo Session

Reid and Claire Seattle Engagement Photo for J Garner PhotographyR&C_0023R&C_0095Reid and Claire Seattle Engagement PhotoReid and Claire Seattle Engagement Photo for J Garner PhotographyR&C_0168Reid and Claire Seattle Engagement Photo for J Garner Photography

Reid and Claire’s engagement photo session in Seattle’s Arboretum was fun and lighthearted, much like the couple themselves. These two first met at the gym, and though they hail from different corners of the world (Reid’s a Seattleite and Claire is from the UK) their love was enough to keep them together forever. We love how they tied their first meeting into the engagement shoot, ending the session with matching blue active wear. We had so much fun photographing these two and look forward to following their journey to happily ever after.


Erin and Casey’s Newcastle Wedding

It was a classic cloudy day at the Newcastle golf course on the day of Erin and Casey’s wedding. Erin Fleming was the dream bride to have, being kind, sweet and taking care of everyone around her. She glowed from the inside out and she was very loved in return by everyone around her. Erin and Casey’s wedding day was sprinkled with Seattle rain with dark clouds looming overhead. We managed to dodge the rain as we moved around the grounds to capture stunning imagery of the happy couple with dramatic skies.

When it came time for the ceremony, it was filled with joyous expression, kind words, and love that was clear to all around to see. As we moved into the night, toasts were by far the most entertaining we have seen! Brothers told stories of mischief and childhood while parents bestowed loving guidance for the days to come.  Casey and Erin made our jobs so easy that day; they were kind, willing and adventurous despite the rain! Thank you for letting J Garner be a part of your big day, it was truly our pleasure.


Hello World!

Greetings and welcome to the new J Garner Studios blog! As our education community has grown over the years and an overwhelming support for our business has continued to flourish, we thought it best to give back to our creative community in a new way. J Garner Studios has been in the wedding industry over 15+ years and established a movement towards experiential, story telling wedding photography and art delivery. Jim Garner, co-founder and co-owner of J Garner Studios has traveled world wide to numerous countries to educate photographers of all levels on experiential wedding photography to help them standout and thrive in the wedding industry.

Here on the blog we will be discussing a wide variety of topics ranging from Story Telling Shooting, BTS, sneak peaks of our brides, equipment insiders and more! We invite you along on this journey to explore different aspects of the wedding industry as we share our experiences and give you some tips/tricks on your path towards success.

-J Garner Team