7 Extreme Experiential Wedding Photographs

Last week we talked about Jim’s Story Shooting Philosophy, highlighting the process he uses to capture a series of images to describe a moment happening. The result of this process is spontaneous and natural expression that unfolds naturally. Sometimes, though, other elements beyond our control lend themselves to creating that special “wow” image.


“Our job as photographers is to do our best with what we’re given and find beauty in the moment no matter the circumstances,” says Jim. “Oftentimes this means creating something out of nothing, turning a simple task into something photographically special, utilizing spontaneous happenings, and less pre-planning, more embracing of natural moments that may be overlooked. These special times present themselves with the opportunity to tell amazing stories.”


Regardless of where you are or what elements you’re in, an attitude that says “let’s make it fun, let’s make it beautiful” is bound to create incredible experiences and photographs that show it. Below are some images from the J Garner vault that are true to the term “extreme experiential wedding photography” — taken in exotic destinations or otherwise less-than-normal circumstances where there was no other option but a choice to beautifully capture the moment.

1. Maui, Hawaii


2. Baltimore, Maryland


3. Seattle, Washington


4. Maui, Hawaii


5. Seattle, Washington


6. Baltimore, Maryland


7. Maui, Hawaii